Cargo transportation of small-sized and consolidated cargo

  • full load transportation (FTL)
  • part load transportation (LTL)
  • customs clearance and document handling
  • door to door deliveries
  • info re. status of the shipment
  • cargo insurance

Konekta Cargo has many years of experience carrying both LTL and FTL shipments from Europe to the Baltics and CIS countries.

LTL – part load transport and groupage:

From: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Finland, Norway.
To: Lithuania, Russia, Georgia, Kazachstan, Kyrgyzstan and other CIS countries.

FTL - full load trucks:

From: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain, Chezch Republic, Poland.
To: Lithuania, Russia, Kazachstan We offer full truck service from Russia to the Baltics and other European countries. We can arrange partial or full customs cleareance in Russia and Kazachstan.

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